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Marketing 3.0: Engaging Visitors in 2016

You didn't just think digital stopped evolving at social did you? Introducing the session 'Marketing 3.0' during WTM2015, we're looking at future approaches to marketing and the dramatic impact that mobile has had on every aspect of the digital landscape. Visitors are much more complex, making it necessary for tourism marketers to think creatively, creating relevant content and experiences that visitors can take part in and are worth sharing across devices.


We'll take a look back at just how far digital has come and where to invest your time and resources to ensure the biggest returns. Looking at the increasingly converging space between digital services, product excellence and word-of-mouth marketing, this session should leave you with plenty to think about heading back to the office.

Moderator: Nicholas Hall| Digital Tourism Think Tank
Natasha Nuckchady| Yahoo
Paul Stephen| Sagittarius Marketing
David Llewellyn| Hailo


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