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Taking Control of Content Creation
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The DTTT Team is happy to announce for 2017 a series of workshops as part of the DTTT Launchpad subscription.

Taking Control of Content Creation

In this full day workshop you'll have the chance to get hands-on with Content Creation, led by leading content experts Emil Spangenberg and Thomas Christensen who'll be sharing the secrets to building a successful content team.

In this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to hear from our experts about how they built a leading content team and what they learnt over a number of years testing and iterating with different content techniques. They'll also talk about how to overcome the politics of working within large organisations and explain and it's possible to make the case for and maintain the creative lead despite the many hurdles.

As this workshop is all about creativity, participants will get hands on, using Brussels as their canvas to go out and create amazing content. Here's a summary of what the workshop will cover:

  • Learning from Creators: Building a 365 Content Team
  • Roundtable exchange of experiences
  • Snapshot at current content trends
  • Content creation & experimentation
  • Key take-home action points and priorities

During the content creation part, participants will have the chance to test and learn:

  • Shooting social ready content
  • Creating instagram stories
  • Finding and shooting brand niche
  • Tips and tricks, mobile shooting technique

Sign-up for this workshop early as seats are extremely limited.

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