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We’ve just launched this new campaign for Oslo, which basically consists of one film. Watch the video, and I'll explain what we were thinking when we came up with the idea.

Oslo to the rescue!

Kiwi couple get rescued from vacayfail from Visit Oslo on Vimeo.

We knew we were going to be doing some creative profiling this autumn, and as always, we needed it to stand out. We don't have the budget to compete in bought media, so we did it the Oslo way, creative, edgy and a little cheeky. 😉

We have observed the discussion in the travel industry this season and earlier, about overtourism. We have been joking about that certainly not being a problem for Oslo, mostly happy for that, but also partly jealous of all the business these places have.

All jokes aside, a sustainable approach to tourism growth is very important for us, and we are certainly not running after the biggest markets for Oslo. We work hard to spread travel throughout the year, and tourism should be an industry that makes life better for the people of Oslo. Overtourism doesn’t fit in this perspective.

We decided to try to see the phenomenon from the guests’ point of view, and the best way to do that, is to check what's being said in social media. That's when we found Marela and Sam, through this instagram shout out from Marela.

And the thought hit us: If they’re not happy with their holiday experience, why don’t we rescue them to Oslo? Could this be our campaign? It felt both bold and crazy to rescue someone from one of the most popular cities in the world, and maybe that's what convinced us to do it. We are as passionate about our city as we are about branding it, and felt confident that this story had the strength to meet an international audience, with a very honest message.

So we did. And they accepted the rescue mission (when they finally believed us not trying to scam them) We sent them the tickets and showed them our city with a film crew as companions. The result you see above, but if it's a success, we don't know yet. We'll keep you posted! :)

Read more about Sam & Marelas adventure in Oslo here

We are three companies behind this stunt, VisitOSLO, Oslo Business Region and The Oslo Region, and together we’re known as Oslo Brand Alliance. In this stunt we also teamed up with Trigger (creatives) and Waterdrop (production).


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