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We are pleased to welcome Adam Caerlewy-Smith, Head of Marketing and Meryl Le Feuvre, Head of Product at Visit Jersey as speakers to #DTTTGlobal on 30th November & 1st December in Brussels to share their story on 'Aligning Audiences with Secret Escapes'. Ahead of #DTTTGlobal, we caught up with Adam and Meryl to learn more about the work they are doing at Visit Jersey regarding their marketing, brand, product and brand partnerships.

Visit Jersey as an organisation

Visit Jersey is still relatively new; we are only 2.5 years old, but it’s been a busy few years. We have launched a new destination brand, transformed our digital platforms and worked on some great campaigns. We are still on track with our vision of welcoming 1 million visitors by 2030.

Biggest challenge for the destination

For there are 3 big challenges across all these areas:

  • Options: There are so many options available, which is awesome, but it’s sometimes difficult to decide what works and what doesn’t. I think it’s important to always try and test new ways to connect with visitors, but be flexible and brave enough to admit when things don’t work but also to invest in and celebrate when things do.
  • Pace: Innovation in digital continues to transform and evolve our industry, it’s exciting, but a little daunting at times to know where to allocate resources.
  • People: Finding the right people to deliver across these areas isn’t easy, people are incredibly important and sourcing the right agencies & suppliers to collaborate with can be challenging.

Biggest opportunity in digital marketing

Connecting with visitors is our number one priority, digital marketing provides a lot of opportunities to do this. The challenge is for it to feel real and authentic.

2017 Autumn Campaign

Central to our destination brand, is a focus on benefits rather than features, the why? Instead of the what? People travel and go on holiday because they want to experience something different, they want to feel different. Therefore, in our latest autumn campaign, we asked real people, “How do you want to feel?”. The below video content has been distributed across various channels.

Content Distribution and Crafting the Destination Brand

Connecting with visitors is incredibly important, great content is just part of the story, we put a lot of focus on getting the right content in front of the right audiences and finding the right formula to help us to stay on top of the distribution space.

Leveraging Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships outside of the travel industry are becoming increasingly important to us. Jersey is a great canvas to create content and working with fashion or lifestyle brands on content creation allows us to connect with new audiences and gives us reach into new markets.

Planned Brand Partnerships in 2018

We are starting to bring together destination content, influencers, fashion/lifestyle brands and OTA’s in one campaign.

Developing the Tourism Product

A tourism product is what you buy, an experience is what you remember. Our role is to bring brand Jersey to life, by creating memorable, immersive and authentic experiences which celebrate the island break, and deliver on the brand promise – year-round.

Getting Product Suppliers to access the Destination Brand

We are a trusted adviser, sharing the voice of the customer, playing the role of facilitator, identifying and presenting the opportunity for the industry, guiding what good looks like as product guardian. Central to getting product suppliers to access the destination brand is to ensure they tap into the emotional advantage. Over the next year, we will be introducing a product path to move towards the experience economy. These include ‘signature experiences’ to roll out a world-class bookable product and our ‘revitalise programme’. We think of it as the full body workout – you need a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility to be match fit. We will inform, educate and work alongside our partners to achieve this.

Working with Product Suppliers

We have a supplier programme with over 20 commercial partners from across industry (accommodation, attractions, activity providers) who align to our ambitions based on their product and market fit. Working hand-in-hand with marketing, the programme leverages partnerships to better distribute the island break and achieve a greater return on investment.

Importance of Events

Jersey’s event profile will serve to ‘fill’ the island in the shoulder seasons. Core events which reflect our Signature Experiences (i.e. Super League Triathlon, Breca Swimrun) acquired and retained, as well as a range of business events which align with our core industrial sectors (i.e. finance, tourism, agriculture). Events act as a springboard. They present opportunities to promote Jersey before, during and after reaching new visitors in target markets and reigniting the island’s appeal.

Why should attendees of #DTTTGlobal not miss your talk?

It’s been another fantastic year and we are excited to share some of the processes that we go through, the challenges we have experienced and the lessons we have learned.


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