#DTTT Launchpad
#DTTT Launchpad
April 26, 2016

We are pleased to begin the second round of the #DTTT Launchpad, inviting destinations to join our growing #DTTT community. The #DTTT Launchpad subscription is truly unique focusing on destinations, providing access to cutting edge insights, trends & best practices, in-depth case studies, talks, and practical transformation material.

We've been connecting destinations worldwide, from the Faroe Islands to Cape Town. Our excitement for destination marketing inspires us to go further and our passion for digital drives us to innovate. Through the thousands of connections between individuals, destinations, businesses and industries, the #DTTT community has one thing in common; a commitment to innovate and become digital leaders.

Having succeeded in building the world's most passionate community of digital destinations we're inviting you to join the growing community.

The Road to Transformation
Over the past decade, DMOs have faced enormous challenges from austerity to the rise of the millennial traveller. With this comes the always looming question as to the role of the DMO.

Here at the #DTTT, we don’t think the role the DMO should be brought into question anymore, which is why we are delivering unique DMO focused content that can help your destination to remain an innovative, forward thinking, disruption embracing, millennial engaging entity that makes a real and direct impact on the visitor economy.

With this in mind, we’re inviting the destination community to sign-up to the #DTTT Launchpad and tap into the huge wealth of knowledge and insights. Our new #DTTT Launchpad takes a fresh look at how to do destination marketing and helps destinations succeed by finding innovative new approaches.

Within the #DTTT Launchpad you will get:

Monthly guidelines and material to transform the DMO

  • 2016 Kick off Team Meeting: Lessons & Learnings from #DTIC2015 to inspire your team and start 2016
  • Organise your own #TravelThinkathon including Thinkathon material, sheets and Pitch material to get you started
  • Destination Transformation Assessment - helping you understand your digital readiness and transformation steps
  • Trend Spotting Guide - Supporting your destination in spotting future trends and how to capitalise on opportunities
  • Workshop Material to determine 'The Role of your DMO and what does success look like for you?'
  • Qualifying Success in Digital - Rethinking digital success and measuring your destination performance
  • Planning your next Campaign - Using 5 Day Sprints and Incubators
  • Visitor Cycle & Key Touchpoints - Rethinking the role of content and engagement along the visitor cycle
  • Content Distribution for Destinations - Assets, content, media, channel & engagement
  • Cloud-based DMOs and Collaboration Tools - Productivity, efficiency, and creativity
  • Influencer Scouting & Relationships - Capitalising on influencer marketing strategically
  • Your Destination Walkshop - take your team out and re-explore your destination through the eyes of a visitor
  • Breaking Team Silos - Helping your teams to work more efficiently and digital-first


Access to our complete library of talks

  • 50+ Talks in our #DTTT Talks Library
  • 5 Digital Breakfasts, discussing hot topics in digital marketing
  • 22 HD #DTIC2015 Talks
  • 15 HD #DTCC2016 Talks
  • Plus access to all #DTTTGlobal Talks


Off the shelf access to #DTTT’s reports and guides

  • 5 Market reports covering India, Brazil, China, Russia and the US
  • 4 Trends reports covering anything from Benchmarking, Trends to Digital Roundtables
  • Trends and Transformation Reports
  • Exclusive guides to Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram
  • Marketing Technology Reports: Brand Monitoring, Content Distribution, Workflow optimisation


Off the shelf access to #DTTT Trends dashboard

  • Focus on 5 areas: Macro Trends, Content, Communities, Destination Websites and Micro Trends
  • Over 50 pages of trends, destination best practices, and recommendations
  • Video summaries and best practice example walkthroughs


Access to our complete library of case studies

  • 40 Case Studies in the #DTTT case study library
  • Exclusive Transformation DMO Case Studies in 2016


Exclusive access to the #DTTT Slack Community

  • Communicate and engage with the #DTTT Destination community
  • Closed community to chat with other destination marketers
  • Regular ask an expert sessions



  • Face to face workshops in Brussels
  • Regular workshops on the latest digital trends and topics
  • Hands-on learning and inspiration


One-to-one support through #DTTT chat

  • Ask the #DTTT team - we will be happy to help
  • Support and content guidance
  • Regular updates

Not only will you have all the tools needed to transform your destination into a digitally focused future ready entity, you'll have unprecedented insights from the most important consumer level market research. What's more, you and your team will have your year-round training and development needs met, with full access to the most important strategic and development level events for DMOs.

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