#DTTT Trends
#DTTT Trends
April 26, 2016

Our Trends Dashboard gives you a 360º vision of  best practice examples from a wide range of national tourist boards, regions and cities. We have completely revamped our Trends section, focusing on:

  • Trends that are game changers for destinations such as drones, VR, influencer marketing…
  • Communities providing a deep dive into destination approaches on every social media channel
  • Content exploring how destinations are leveraging the multitude of content trends
  • Websites looking at the best of the best among destination websites and the array of functionalities

In true Think Tank style, we are not just including information about each best practice example, we are going full on visual, enabling you to understand and see where things are going in the destination landscape. Each section within the new #DTTT Trends has a quick recap video about the section and each best practice example is supported by either an official campaign or destination video illustrating the example or a video walkthrough, where one of our experts is talking you through the example, outlining what is standing out, what you can learn from the example and where there are opportunities for your destination.


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