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May 25, 2016

Over the last years, we've helped hundreds of destinations and delivered consultancy for a wide range of clients. We are now going to take a step forward by offering you a series of workshops as part of the Destination Programme to help your destination grow. To be a cutting edge DMO in a rapidly changing industry, it is vital to constantly increase marketing and distribution skills. We are eager to enable the synergy of creative minds and powerful knowledge among DMO’s by bringing you all together in an intensive day-long workshop. We build each workshop around the latest trend in digital and make sure you leave the workshops with useful takeaways and learnings. This is a unique opportunity to join experts and colleagues to work together on latest trends and innovative approaches, discuss your current projects and advance in more efficient way.

Destination Perspectives & Storytellers - 19th of October

This workshop will look at best practices from around the world in content marketing. For destinations, sharing different perspectives is critical to engaging audiences at the right point and effectively pushing them through each stage of the visitor cycle.

In looking at different perspectives, we'll look at how to decide on the right content at the right moments of what has become an incredibly fragmented path to purchase. The workshop will focus on different techniques in content production from creating top-level hero content to engaging ambassadors and communities to tell a richer and deeper story around the destinations.


Bots, Messaging & Voice for DMOs - 15th of November

2016 is the year when messaging started to take a new turn, With messaging apps rapidly scaling in terms of users and engagement, this medium represents an important medium in the future mix of channels and touchpoint with consumers.

We'll create an open forum to share ideas, examples and takeaways with participants. As an outcome from the workshop, as a destination you should have clarity on the messaging opportunity and the knowledge and insight to decide for themselves whether this is something you should engage with.


2017 Trends Roundtable & Christmas Lunch - 13th of December

More info coming soon. Stay tuned ;)

Previous Workshops:

Visitor Cycle and Key Touchpoints - 8th of June

We will focus on the Visitor Cycle and Key Touchpoints, by looking at how this has changed and taking a vision on how the future DMO needs to react to maintain competitiveness. There will be deep insights and interactive breakouts with full length case-studies shared and interactive discussion to get DMOs thinking about how to respond to the changes in digital.


Content Distribution Roundtable - 29th of June

Content distribution has increasingly become a pressing subject for DMOs. Our path to transformation means letting go of proprietary platforms in favour of a more dispersed approach where powerful is key to brand engagement.

This roundtable brings DMOs together to exchange their own experiences as we invite a number of industry experts to give their unbiased opinion on the opportunities and trends for destinations.


Cloud Based DMOs & Collaboration Tools - 14th of September

The past few years have seen a total transformation of the workplace, both in terms of how we work and the tools that enable us to work better. The importance of choosing the right tech has shifted from ICT departments to marketing teams as the need for nimble, user-centric, collaborative and adaptive tools has taken precedent in delivering effective results.

This workshop will look at the vast range of tools DMOs should be looking at to transform, with the right tools central to driving future success.


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